Metal Wellness

The name Metal Wellness reflects a holistic approach to fitness and a hard work approach to wellness. There is very much some yin and yang action going on there.

A holistic approach to fitness means viewing fitness as a tool to live a better life by being stronger and healthier to do things you want to do, or the things that you never thought you could. It means maintaining healthful dietary and self-care changes over time, and not rushing from fad to fad.

A hard work approach to wellness means that wellness isn’t just smoothies and green drink powders. It means that improving yourself and your environment takes time, work, and tough choices.


Joe Metallo


Joe received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in Health Promotion & Wellness. He is a Certified Wellness Practitioner and Tactical Strength & Conditioning Facilitator. He has had the privilege to train members of the military and law enforcement.

Joe’s career choice comes from a passion to help people achieve the best for themselves, and to produce the most positive impact he can. His clients know him as a tyrant for gym safety and effectiveness.


Mission Statement

Fitness is the ability to do what you want to do well.

Being fit brings confidence through strength and physical appearance.

The mission of Metal Wellness is to bring you superior training and superior results. Your fitness is yours to own, and we will help you get there.

Our mission is to bring it.



  • Free Weights

  • Kettle Bells

  • Cables

  • Yoga Mats

  • Medicine Balls

  • Treadmills

  • Elliptical

  • Pull-Up Bars

  • Ropes