A molecule in citrus fruits can shrink fat cells.

Here is a big reason to love Citrus essential oils. D-Limonene, a constituent of citrus peel, has been found to SHRINK FAT CELLS, reduce triglycerides, reduce fasting blood glucose, and is a potential dietary supplement for preventing metabolic disorders.

How do we use citrus oils? One easy way is to add some to water that we drink throughout the day (approx. 1-3 drops per 24 oz). Now we have delicious citrus water. Be safe, and only use essential oils that were grown without pesticides, and are dietary supplements.

Grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, and lime have the highest amounts of D-Limonine (in that order).


Essential oils and aromatherapy can be a confusing space with every company declaring their superiority. Here is a very handy guide on the purity of the top contenders in the essential oil industry.


Joseph Metallo