The Best Results Come From Simplicity–Fitness Is No Exception

More often than not, when I see a fitness gizmo advertised on TV, I weep inside. The latest and greatest thingy for $29.99 panders to people who are not interested in getting/staying in good shape.

First and foremost, the best piece of fitness equipment is you. Move more, move better, and resist some weight or tension. Good! Now keep doing it. That’s what fitness is.

Bodyweight training is the absolute foundation of fitness, and you should be proficient before you start to move weights. You can stock a small portion of your home or garage with these few pieces of essential fitness equipment (or see a trainer regularly who can instruct you on it), and you will be WORLDS better off than succumbing to the latest gimmick.

Grouped in order of general importance


Prime essential:


-Resistance bands


-Pull up bar (depending on your strength progression)


Secondary essential:


-Adjustable bench plus a cage or rack

-Plyometric boxes

-Ab rollout wheel

-Medicine ball

-Rings and/or suspension straps, e.g. TRX


Tertiary essential:

-Rowing machine

-Air resistance bike (while a bike is not my preference, I realize that this is still a good piece)

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